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A few months in Southeast Asia
I am originally from Dresden in Germany. After I graduated university, I thought it might be a good idea to enjoy traveling while I can, before it will get rough on the job market. I booked a flight to Southeast Asia, packed my old backpack I had for 15 years and was on the move for a few months towards tropical sun. I also had a musician friend living in Australia, whom I wanted to visit too.

I visited Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand before i flew to Australia to catch up with her. Every of these countries had their own charme, some more developed than others, people were always friendly and I felt welcome.

Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia I did a lot of sightseeing, hiking and visited countless temples. In Thailand I flew into Bangkok and went for a cheaper hostel in the infamous Khao San Road . Here I planned my trips to Chiang Mai for rock climbing and a thai cooking class. Both was fantastic and I can only recommended to others.

Of course I wanted to hang out on the beach aswell, so I went by train south. Kao Tao was the island of my desire. There I spent 5 weeks. I did my diving certificate, went also on a freediving course and did some tai chi.

I met a lot of interesting people from all over the world and I can recommend this island especially when it comes to diving. Of course the party scene is also pretty nice there. The farewell was bittersweet but i will definitely be back one day. After i headed back to Bangkok, I flew to Melbourne visiting my friend. It was nice seeing her again, as we worked together in the same bar in Germany to earn some money aside.

Unfortunately she lived far outside of Melbourne, there was not much around. Over the time of this trip my backpack had given up on me. 15 years and a few months but now I needed a new one. There was no shopping mall or even an outdoor shop close by. So I checked online and found this pretty nice online shopping site externer Link Findoo with a big selection of externer Link backpacks. I ordered easy online and it got delivered to my friends house in a few days. I had a new backpack.

All in all, I had a blast on my trip and won’t forget it. Different people of foreign countries and their languages, countless sunsets and adventures. Take some time off, before it gets more difficult to do so and embrace the new !

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